The benefits and pitfalls of temporary fence bunting

Temporary Fence Bunting

Temporary fence bunting, banners, shade cloth. There are several ways to describe the material you use to showcase advertising on your construction site. But it’s not really important what you call it. What is important is weighing up the benefits and pitfalls of installing this advertising wrap to your site’s temporary fence.

We run through below both the benefits and pitfalls of adding temporary fence bunting to your site so you can evaluate what is the best option for you.

Benefits of temporary fence bunting

Obviously, the clear benefit of adding a bunting wrap to the temporary fence around your site is the advertising benefits. It’s showcasing your brand to the world on a large scale.

This is a particularly big benefit if you have a large site fenced off, and if your branding is clear and easily recognisable. The impact of branding, big and bold around your site can be quite impressive.

Bunting wrap is also a fantastic way to give a sneak peek to market about what will be available when construction is complete. It’s an ideal way to engage your audience and spark interest in the development, prompting potential buyers or customers to contact your office for more information.

Another benefit of adding a bunting wrap to your temporary fence install is the added security that it brings to the site.

Bunting converts your temporary fence into a hoarding of sorts which means it’s harder for people to look in on your site, potentially reducing the temptation of someone breaking in.

Pitfalls of temporary fence bunting

Adding a bunting wrap to your temporary fence install also comes with some pitfalls.

One of the biggest pitfalls is that adding a bunting wrap reduces the stability of the temporary fence and in high wind areas, can increase the chances of your temporary fencing install being blown over by the wind.

As bunting is applied to the fence in one continuous length, this means if the wind knocks down one panel, it will generally result in a domino effect knocking down all adjoining panels.

To counteract the risk of fence instability from the wind, it is recommended that extra wind braces are added to increase the stability of your fence. Removing the cloth during windy weather is also recommended.

As outlined above, adding a bunting wrap can help to increase security by blocking the view into your site. This, unfortunately, can also work in reverse and create extra cover for those who enter your site with the intention of getting up to mischief.

Once someone has entered your site, they can hide behind the bunting while carrying out misdeeds. It is always recommended to have other security measures in place if you are concerned about this happening on your site.

While there are pitfalls to adding temporary fencing bunting wrap to your construction site, we believe these pitfalls can be minimised.

Adding a bunting wrap to your temporary fencing install is well worth considering. It’s a cost-effective way to market your brand on a grand scale?

Don’t forget, when considering your options, to keep in mind that Hire Rite Temporary Fence offers complimentary bunting for commercial temporary fencing hires*.

Want to know more about adding temporary fence bunting wraps to your commercial or construction site? Give us a call on (02) 4956 9060 (Newcastle) or (02) 4311 9133(Central Coast) and we can talk you through your options.

*conditions apply


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