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NO THRU fencing has revolutionised temporary fencing with easy set up and highly secure interlocking panels. An Australian invention, designed, owned and made!

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2023 Good Design Award Gold Winner

The Temporary Fence stands apart from any others available. Its groundbreaking International Patent Pending design has transformed temporary fencing and barricades - as it's now impossible to dismantle the fence using tools and gain unauthorised access.

To breach NO THRU Temporary Fence, one would require heavy cutting equipment not typically carried by opportunistic thieves. Even serious criminals would hesitate to use such tools due to the noise they generate, which attracts unwanted attention. This innovative design allows for safeguarding high-value items, possessions, or utilising it for crowd control needs. This level of security is achievable because the NO THRU fence has eliminated the traditional bolted clamp design, instead employing a patented interlocking system that cannot be dismantled by unauthorised individuals.

good design award 2023

Australian invention, design, owned and made


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