Buying or hiring temporary fence – We look at the pros and cons.

hiring temporary fence

Hiring temporary fence vs buying… A potential dilemma for many builders and developers. If you have multiple construction sites currently under construction or coming up for site starts in the near future, weighing up the costs of hiring a temporary fence vs buying can be a decision to ponder.

It’s a fair call to weigh up whether buying a temporary fence may be more beneficial to hiring, but in doing so, it’s important to consider all factors and elements that need to be taken into account.

When making a decision to buy rather than hire, you need to be clear on the following information:



Evaluating the cost of hiring vs buying is one of the main factors to consider when making your decision. Is it going to be more cost-effective to buy rather than hire?

Buying will incur a higher initial one-off fee. But there will be no ongoing hire costs. However, when evaluating the true costs of buying vs hiring you need to also look at the storage costs. Will you need to hire or buy a separate facility to store the fence when not in use?

Maintenance and replacement will also need to be considered. If your fence is not maintained then it reduces its effectiveness and could even become a hazard in itself.

Is it really going to be more cost-effective to buy temporary fencing?



When looking at buying a temporary fence over hiring, you need to consider the quantity required as this will also impact your costs.

If you don’t buy enough fencing upfront for all your projects, you run the risk of being short and having to buy again. Another cost outlay. On the flip side, if you buy too much fencing and it doesn’t get used, then you are wasting money and paying excess fees to store the unused panels.

Hiring eliminates the need to accurately assess your fencing requirements upfront. Hiring a temporary fence allows you to pay for only what you need at the time you need it. And as all sites are different you can adjust the quantity of the panels for each project as you go along.



Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that if you are weighing up the costs of buying vs hiring temporary fence panels then you are most likely looking for the absolute best price you can get. This may tempt you to look overseas or even second hand for cheaper panels.

Be very wary if you choose to go down this path as not all fencing is created equal. The quality and consistency in some fencing panels, especially if they are on the cheaper side, may simply not be up to scratch and more importantly, not comply with Australian Standards.

If you do choose to purchase cheaper panels, they may appear to be a quality product in the beginning but will require regular and routine inspections to ensure they are not falling apart or eroding at a rapid rate.

Hiring temporary fence panels eliminates any doubt as to the quality of the panels. Any reputable hiring company, such as ourselves, will guarantee that you are getting quality panels that conform to Australian Standards each and every time you hire.



Time is another biggie that is overlooked when it comes to considering buying temporary fence over hiring.

If you buy your own temporary fence panels then you also need to install your own temporary fence panels… Which takes time. And more importantly, qualifications.

If you elect to buy your own temporary fence panels, you will most likely need to undergo training to install them and move them. This means time away from your business while you undergo training, as well as time away from your work whenever temporary fencing needs to be installed, moved or removed.

Choosing to hire temporary fencing on the other hand, considerably reduces your time allocated to fencing your site. In fact, it takes zero of your time as we erect, maintain and remove all temporary fencing as part of our hire service. The only time required on your end is the time it takes to book us in.

Buying temporary fence panels for your projects may seem like a good idea that may save you money in the long run, but when you weigh up all the factors… As outlined above, how much are you really saving? Is it really worth the extra time, stress and responsibility that comes with owning your own panels?

We know you don’t need that added stress and burden. Construction is complicated enough as it is. That’s why we’ll recommend hiring over buying any day of the week.

And we’ve gone the extra mile and taken the extra steps to make it super easy to hire temporary fencing from us.

It’s as simple as giving us a call on: (02) 4956 9060 (Newcastle) or (02) 4311 9133(Central Coast) and letting us know about your project… And we’ll take care of the rest.


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