Bushfire Safety: Keeping your Family Safe During Bushfire Season

bushfire safety

Bushfire season coming around again and with the particularly dry conditions and major bushfires already being experienced across the state, the need to implement bushfire safety measures is more important than ever before.

Here at Hire Rite Temporary Fence, we are all about safety and so, we have put together a reminder of how to prepare for bushfire season and the important elements of bushfire safety.

Establish a Bushfire Safety Plan for Your Family

Bushfires are a natural part of life here in Australia so, it’s important that we are all prepared as much as possible should our area come up against a bushfire. And above everything else, our personal safety and that of our family needs to be paramount.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has a comprehensive checklist along with a discussion guide to help you and your family prepare for a bushfire event. Your family should have a bushfire plan with every member of your household aware of the plan and what to do should a bushfire break out in your area.

  • When your family intends to leave
  • Where you will go once you have left
  • What routes you will take to leave
  • Who is responsible for helping other family members who may need help… young children, elderly or disabled members for example
  • What should happen in the event of families becoming separated
  • What will happen with your pets or other animals on the property. Will they come with you or be relocated?
  • What items you will take with you. This may include important paperwork, identification, irreplaceable items.
  • Who else will be informed of your plan and kept up to date as events unfold, a relative or friend for example.

Being prepared as a family and sticking together should you be faced with the threat of a bushfire can help keep kids, and ourselves, calm during what can be a very scary situation.

Download the NSW Rural Fire Service discussion guide to help make a plan with your family.

Establish a Bushfire Safety Plan for Your Home

While it is always recommended to leave your home as early as possible in the event of a bushfire, it can be hard to leave your home not knowing if it will be there when you get back. There are a few steps you can take to help protect your home while you are not there.

Throughout the bushfire season, you should keep your home well maintained, clearing any plants or debris away from your home. Even if the fire is not close to your home, it can still be a risk of burning due to embers and burning leaves. Clearing your gutters and sealing any holes or gaps in your roof will help prevent embers from getting in.

It is also advised by the NSW Rural Fire Service to:

  • Eliminate all gaps around your home. Particularly around windows and doors
  • Enclose the area under your home
  • Install metal gutter guards
  • Use metal mesh screens instead of plastic.
  • Remove any items from around your home that could easily catch fire
  • Make sure you have a hose long enough to reach all parts of your home
  • Place a sign near your letterbox if you have a pool, water tank or dam to let firefighters know there is a water source nearby.

Safety should always be paramount… particularly when it comes to bushfires. Visit the NSW Rural Fire Service Assessment Tool and create your bushfire safety plan today.

And throughout the bushfire season, keep up to date with fire conditions in your area and keep your family alert as well.

Hire Rite Temporary Fence are available to secure your property should the unthinkable happen and your home is damaged by fire.

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