Is Temporary Fencing Needed for Home Construction?

Temporary Fence - Home Construction

If you’re not sure what temporary fencing is, think about a concert or a big event you’ve been to. Did you notice the metal fence used as a barrier to keep people in line or away from restricted areas? That’s it. Though it’s not always used for just for safety, and temporary fence can come in more varieties than most people are familiar with.

Temporary fencing can be used for both public and private use. It can be for special events, property development, commercial construction or residential properties.

In certain emergency cases, such as a fire, they’re also used to secure the area, keeping bystanders, pets and wandering children away.

Is It Required During Construction of Homes?

Yes, if you’re having a home constructed, whether it’s one you’re moving into or putting up for lease, you need to rent a temporary fence.

By law, they’re required to be there from the very start until its completion which can take from 6 months to a whole year. You can find this stated under the OH&S requirements. It’s a win-win for the homeowners and people in the surrounding vicinity. It discourages intruders from goofing around with anything on the site as well as keep thieves away.

At the same time, neighbours and passersby are kept safe from the danger of a construction site such as flinging debris and tools lying about. If anyone is injured on your site, whether they were permitted to enter or not, you and your builder will be held liable.

Who’s Responsible for Acquiring and Installing the Fence?

As to who’s responsible for making sure your home construction is secured by a temporary fence depends on your arrangement. Have you hired a builder for the job or are you doing it on your own? If you’re working with a builder, the process will be smoother for you since they will handle getting a provider and the transaction. It’s most likely in your contract but verify.

However, if you’re both the owner and the builder, you need to contact a temporary fence provider. Installation services usually come with the rental but it’s best to confirm. Left to the hands of experts, installing the fence doesn’t take more than a few hours but it also depends on the length.

Note that temporary fences come in different types. Make sure you get the right temporary fence by using a reputable supplier who knows the Australian Standards.

Costs would depend on the length of time you’d need the fence and how many meters you need. Would you be securing all four sides of the property or just the front?

You can opt to check with your local government whether you’re required to have it but it’s highly recommended to still get one, mandated or not. The purpose of temporary fencing is to keep everyone on either side of the fence safe which means greater peace of mind for you and your crew.


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