Do I Need Temporary Fence for My Renovation Project?

Using temporary fence during a new home build is a no-brainer. With all the moving parts and elements that come with building a house and the increased risk of accident, injury or theft, installing temporary fencing is the perfect solution to mitigate those risks. 

But what about renovations? Do you need to install temporary fence when you are doing renovations on an existing home? It’s not so clear-cut, is it? Each renovation project is going to have varying degrees of work required. Some renovations may involve simple cosmetic work that takes only a few days while other renovations may be more extensive, take far longer and include structural work.

With some renovations it may be clear whether temporary fencing is required, but not in all cases. If you are in doubt as to whether you need to hire temporary fence for your renovation project, consider the following factors.

temporary fence for renovations

How Extensive Is the Work?

Renovations come in all shapes, sizes and durations. A simple floor replacement that takes three days is a whole different ball game to undertaking an internal wall configuration and extension lasting six months or more. What renovation you are planning to undertake at your property will determine if temporary fencing is needed or not.

When weighing up the requirements for temporary fence on your renovation project think about:

  • How long the renovation will take
  • What the work involves – Is primarily cosmetic (changes to finishes) or does it involve structural work?
  • Will the work be contained within the house?
  • Will your house be left unsecured for any length of time?
  • How much extra material and equipment will be required for the project and stored onsite?
  • Will you be moving out while the renovations are taking place, or will someone be on site the entire time?

There may not be any benefits to hiring and installing temporary fence around your project if it’s simple cosmetic upgrades. However, if your renovation is more extensive, goes for an extended period of time and leaves your house exposed to increased risk of theft or injury, then it is definitely worth considering installing temporary fencing to your site.

temporary fence for renovations

What Equipment and/or Machinery Will Be Used?

Security is a big factor you need to consider when you are renovating. If there is going to be expensive equipment and/or machinery stored on your property that wouldn’t normally be there, then this can mean an increased risk of theft or damage.

Builders and tradies can often leave their equipment and material onsite during the course of your renovation instead of packing it up and taking it away at the end of each day. You could potentially have thousands of dollars in equipment and material lying around waiting to be used. 

This also means you have thousands of dollars in equipment and material lying around waiting for someone to help themselves to, should they be given the opportunity. 

On top of this, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to move out while the renovations are taking place. This also increases your security risk as you do not know what is going on while you’re not there. Your home is likely to be left open far more than normal to allow for the coming and going of trades and could even be left unattended for extended lengths of time. This makes your home a prime target for theft. 

Unfortunately, crime doesn’t sleep, and criminals will take any opportunity they can get. Also, you may not be covered by insurance during the length of your renovation (check your policy). 

This is where temporary fencing can be highly beneficial. Installing temporary fencing around the perimeter of your property and applying a good quality lock increases the security to your property reduce the chances of the bad guys helping themselves during your renovations.

temporary fence for renovations

Where is the Location of the Renovation?

This also is an important question to ask when undertaking a renovation. If your renovation site is situated in a busy location that gets a lot of people walking or moving around nearby (especially children), then it is wise to install temporary fencing from day one of your renovation. This warns the public that the property is undergoing construction work and deters anyone from easily accessing your site. 

Some people may enter your home while it’s under renovation deliberately, while others may wander onsite innocently and be completely unaware that it’s a renovation site and has an increased risk of accident or injury. Safety is always paramount during construction, whether it’s a new build or a renovation. Installing temporary fencing can go a long way to increasing safety to your property and help make the general public aware of the potential danger.

temporary fence for renovations

What Are the Risks of You Not Hiring Temporary Fence?

Ultimately you need to weigh up the pros and cons of hiring temporary fence for your renovation. As mentioned previously, if it’s a simple cosmetic renovation that requires no expensive equipment and poses no danger to the public, then it may be overkill to install temporary fencing on your site.

But if the work is more extensive, then putting temporary fence in place before work begins may be a wise move.

If in doubt, speak to the builder or tradesperson you have hired for the project or give us a call and we can discuss your individual needs and requirements. 

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