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Fence Hire
1st Type of Fence
The pricing includes the delivery and installation and one site visit to collect the fence.
2nd Type of Fence
The pricing includes the delivery and installation and one site visit to collect the fence.
Additional Items
Pool Gate
Wind Bracing
Shade Cloth
Site Toilet
Sediment Control
Further Details
  • All Prices are GST Exclusive and payment is due from invoice date.
  • The quoted price has been provided based on the assumption that we can access our truck within 30 meters of where the fence needs to be installed. The ground surface is not steep, over grown or boggy, for both installation and removal of the fence. Additional charges will apply for non standard sites.
  • The quote for temporary fence allows for one site visit for delivery, and one site visit for collection.
  • Return to Sites are charged at $150. RTS includes things like reinstating a fence that has been pulled apart and partial pick-ups. The rate allows for up to 2 man hours.
  • Any additional fence deliveries are treated as a new hire.
  • Once you no longer require the hire items, you need to contact Hire Rite via email fencehire@hirerite.com.au and off-hire the items and request pick-up. Hire Rite does not automatically come and collect the items at the end of the initial hire period.
  • Any hire period beyond the initial hire period will be invoiced at a pro rata rate of the initial hire on a month by month basis. If the hire only extends for a part month then the daily pro rata rate will be used.
  • To view our frequently asked questions please go to our website


I/We authorise and request IntegraPay Pty Ltd ABN 63 135 196 397 (User ID 38220) ("IntegraPay") to debit payments from my/our account as specified below, at intervals and amounts as directed by Hire Rite Temporary Fence("The Business") as per the Terms and Conditions of my agreement with The Business and in accordance with this Direct Debit Request and the IntegraPay DDR Service Agreement.

Please note : If paying by credit, IPY*HIRE RITE will appear on financial statements to indicate payment to Hire Rite Temporary Fence. Bank Account Transaction Fee: $0.55; Visa/MasterCard Fee:$0.33 plus 1.65%*; AMEX Fee: $0.33 plus 3.19%; *Additional 1.10% for international cards. Direct Debit is not available on all bank accounts.

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