3 Top Questions to Ask When Hiring Temporary Fence

Hiring Temporary Fence

There are lots of questions you can ask when hiring temporary fence, and a reputable company will welcome any question you have and provide you with all the answers you need. In fact, most temporary fencing hire companies will have an FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page, such as our FAQ page here, to help cover any questions you may have in advance.

If you were to ask just three questions we recommend it be the following three questions that will help you make a clear decision when the time comes for hiring temporary fence for your project.

1. What is Included in the Price When Hiring Temporary Fence?

Questions about pricing are always going to be at the top of everyone’s question list. And rightly so. When it comes to hiring temporary fence, pricing is going to be one of the main factors in the decision-making process.

It’s important, however, when you are calling around for pricing to hire temporary fence, that you are comparing apples with apples in terms of price, product and service. Knowing exactly what is included in the quotes you are receiving for temporary fencing hire is important.

Some companies will provide an all-inclusive price that includes the fence hire costs as well as any insurances, delivery charges etc. Other companies, however, may provide the cost of hiring the fence only with all other charges, such as delivery and labour costs added as extra charges on top.

If delivery and labour charges are added on top, then further questions will need to be asked, such as how many trucks will be required for delivery, how many hours of labour is estimated etc.

Even the amount of fencing required for your project may be quoted differently from company to company. It’s important to confirm this with each quote.

By asking this simple question, you can start to get a feel for what is required for your particular project, along with a feel for the company that is providing the quote to you.

2. What is NOT Included in the Price When Hiring Temporary Fence?

Just as important as asking what is included in the Temporary Fencing hire, is asking what is not included.

Asking what is not included in the hire price will highlight any important elements that you may not have thought about or you had assumed would be included in the price.

This question may identify elements such as additional components, extended hire times and additional adjustments during the hire period that may not be included in a standard temporary fence install but may be a requirement for your particular site or situation.

It goes without saying that you should read the terms and conditions thoroughly to ensure you understand the ins and outs of what is provided in the quote. But asking about what is not included in the price when hiring temporary fence will help to make sure you and the hire company are on the same page.

3. Are You Qualified and Compliant?

Questions about qualifications and compliance are critical to ask any temporary fence hire company when seeking quotes.

Despite being a relatively straightforward product, with installation also appearing easy enough for anyone to do, there are strict standards associated with Temporary Fencing hire and installation.

Our recent article about Australian Standards in Temporary Fencing outlines all the requirements temporary fencing must comply with in order to meet Australian Standards. These standards are important and a reputable hire company will be able to outline these clearly to you if asked. If they cannot relay the Australian Standards to you, it’s a warning sign.

It’s also important to note that in order to meet the Australian Standards, all temporary fence installs must be installed by a competent and trained installer. If the temporary fence hire companies that you are seeking quotes from cannot provide a competent and trained installer to erect temporary fencing on your site, this is another warning sign.

Temporary fencing is a safety and security device, so it goes without saying that asking questions about qualifications and compliance should be in the top three questions to ask.

Of course, there will be other factors and questions that will come into play when it comes to choosing the right company to install your temporary fence. Reputation, availability, location, flexibility are other elements to consider. But by simply asking these three important questions, you can start gathering your information at the same time as getting a feel for the company you are speaking to.

Asking these questions when getting quotes on hiring temporary fence will open the door of communication. How the hiring companies respond to your questions will give you a good idea about how the transaction will go based on the responses.

At Hire Rite Temporary Fence, we welcome any questions you have about hiring temporary fence and will happily provide you with a quote that will help you compare apples with apples.

We invite you to visit our FAQ page which answers the most common questions we receive and we look forward to receiving your call to talk through the particulars on hiring temporary fence for your project.


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