b'HireRiteTemporaryFencepridesourselveson providing the best rates and extremely prompt and WE ALSO WORK WITH OWNERreliable service to all our customers across NSW.BUILDERS AND PRIVATEWecandeliverandinstallyourtemporary PROPERTY OWNERS. construction fence at short notice, and we collect the fence at the end of the hire.Undertaking an owner builder project or majorOurhirearrangementsareflexible,andweoffer renovationonyourproperty?Wecanprovidelong and short-term hire arrangements.temporary construction fence hire to you too! In fact, we can service:Volume builder construction sites Custom home construction sites Owner builder construction sites Renovation construction sites Demolition sites Sub-divisions Multi-lot compounds Plus,wehavefencingsolutionsavailable to protect trees and other importantitemsfromconstruction damage. 8 HIRE RITE TEMPORARY FENCE HIRE RITE TEMPORARY FENCE9'