b'sediment barriers &toilet hire Why call multiple people to organise the supply and delivery of multiple items to the same site? WithonecalltoHireRite,wecanarrangeyour construction site fencing, silt fencing and toilet hire to be delivered and installed at your site together. Simple. Seamless. Smart! At Hire Rite Temporary Fence, we know how much effort goes into organising the schedule on a construction site. And so, to make your life just that little biteasier,wecanarrangetohave otherservicestobedeliveredand installedonyourconstructionsite from just one simple call. Alongwithyourconstructionsite fencing, we can organise.Toilet HireChemicalFlushtoiletsorbasic straight chemical drop toilets can be delivered straight to site and serviced on a fortnightly basis. Sediment Control BarriersSedimentcontrolbarriersinthe formofsiltfencingorcoirlogscan beinstalledinthecorrectlocation onyourconstructionsitetokeep sedimentfromspillingoutontothe road and other sites. Anddontforgettoaskusabout branded banners or mesh screening onyourtemporaryfence.Wecan arrange that too!22 HIRE RITE TEMPORARY FENCE HIRE RITE TEMPORARY FENCE23'